Jessa Frances

Photo by Maria Petersson on Unsplash

Laughter and soft smiles peeled back like apple skins for a picky child at a time when new constellations were being pointed out and named.

Green and blue eyes met for the first time in a new/old way that was expressed as normal but special but not normal and nothing special leading to hazel-eyed confusion that still lingers today.

Today, when heavyweights have shifted from back to floor but have not been moved away despite time and chances.

Days are always fleeting and seem sometimes (to the logical mind) insignificant in the long run and accumulated just for the chance to move heavy things away so they might be — done with.

Heavy things that could end confusion and blend blue and green and create new and beautiful constellations that are, yes, yes, very normal but nevertheless always special.

I’ll peel an apple for you.



Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Years don’t go by like they used to–– as years — 12-month increments.

They are like ticks on the clock now, rapidly flipping by.

A moment just long enough to try and commit to memory.

Seasons, like hot and cold flashes.

Age seems forever away and then — all at once — entirely too close.



Photo by Agni B on Unsplash

Living inside of my head

is a world of make believe

Nightmares made real

Pretend scenarios given life

Characters made to dance

me and you and them

skipping, playing, fighting,

crying, screaming, running,

fucking, tearing, destroying,

sometimes loving

and I am the puppet master.



Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

Inside — a boiling pot of emotions

gurgling, steaming, blistering,

bubbles filled with anger and sadness,

desire and loneliness,

fear and excitement,

confidence and confusion,

suspicion and jealousy,

curiosity and anxiety,

joy and misery.

Don't let it boil over.